A career in Digital Marketing

Helloo All…. Once again welcome to my Blog. Our previous two blogs focussed on Digital marketing and how is it important, but what about a career in Digital Marketing will it really help? How exactly will it shape up? and many more questions come to our mind

To start up Digital marketing is a dynamic field as an when technology develops we need to be well acquainted with it. The rules change every now and then. I may be doing something now and the very next month I am into something else. This is one field which you can’t rely on mere books… Keep reading more material researching about the same and yet you may be out of the race.

But that said so this is the only field that’s required by everyone a company, an organization, a corporate, a service provider, a freelancer or even an individual. So that means this career opens a vast field of clients and customers as well as job opportunities obviously.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing field with over $250 billion spent in online advertising globally, with Asia alone growing over 35% annually.

Digital marketing is a vast subject that is subgrouped into Email marketing, SEO, SMM, SEM, Social media and analytics, Each subgroup is a vast dynamic subject. You may or may not have a complete career in Digital marketing but as a marketer, you will have to work on it directly or indirectly.

But how does the career in digital marketing unfold? So we start with being a Digital marketing executive, an entry-level job

Executive— Specialist—– Team Lead—–Analyst —Digital Marketing manager—- Digital marketing head

Hope this helps 🙂

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