What is this Digital Marketing

When we talk about the term marketing, it means attaching a niche value to your product or service for making it special to the customer. People nowadays are smart, intelligent, knowledgeable and accessible they don’t believe anything unless it is proved. So marketing is no more talent of just selling the product but in turn, attaching a brand and value to it

Marketing is a large concept, which depends on the 4PS of the product or service, This 4P’s determine the value of what you offer. Product or service that you are offering, Price- the value of the product or service, Place-where is the availability, and Promotion-being unique everything plays an important role in making you the king of marketing.

To move in about promotional strategies, from ages there have been a variety of choices for selling the product or service, That may be actually selling something door to door like a salesman or probably promoting on TV/Radio, Cold calling or selling over the phone, and many more which have been the traditional methods for selling.

But as time has changed technology has evolved and a new form of marketing has come into existence that is promoting over the digital forum right from emails to videos or even following ads. All this forms the crux of digital marketing.

Do wait for my next blog to get an in-depth idea about the same

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