Why is Digital Marketing important?

According to research by Emarketer an average Indian spends almost 4 hours per day on the Internet- Mobiles or laptops which is 28 hours per week, 92 hours per month and approximately 1000 hours per year. That means 1 complete day per week is spent by an Indian individual on the Internet

Another article of Times of India’s source: Omidyar network stated that an individual spends 40% of its time on Social media and 18% on entertainment. Such big numbers but what does it really mean? and why are these numbers important?

When we talk about digital marketing it directly means targeting this segment of the audience. Digital marketing is everywhere you decide to watch a film and search for the nearest theatres and boom complete day whenever you are online there are offers and advertisements for movies. You open facebook and watch a certain video and boom again the advertisement pops everywhere. How do these people know my plans? am I being followed… Yes, you are and that is Digital marketing.

Your one search lures the product sellers searching for you. This is one attract marketing strategy widely followed today

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